Welcome to Life Changers Intl. Ministries, Inc. founded by Dr. Keith Eric Ivy and his wife Pastor Franzetta L. Ivy. Life Changers is a non-denominational spirit filled organization that began with its first location in Cleveland, Ohio in 1998. We are excited to announce that there will soon be a new location coming to beautiful Georgia.

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“Then saith he unto his disciples, the harvest is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into the harvest.” (Matthew 9:37,38) Get excited because the best is yet to come!

Dr. Keith Eric Ivy

Dr. Keith Eric Ivy

Pastor of Life Changers Int. Ministries Inc., Educator, Motivator, Preacher, Teacher, Husband

Dr. Keith Eric Ivy is an anointed man of God with the Gift of Faith which has propelled him to overcome many obstacles in his life and accomplish great things for God. Dr. Ivy is a Life Coach, Mentor, Master Motivator and dynamic preacher and teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Dr. Ivy has ministered in churches all over the United States both very large and very small, welcoming every door that the Lord opens without regard to congregation size. Dr. Ivy served as C.E.O of a multimillion dollar food distribution company named Country Preacher/Preferred foods in 2003.Turning down a six figure income; he then obeyed the call of God to relocate to Atlanta to plant a ministry. Dr. Keith Eric Ivy is a graduate of Liberty University, he has 7 earned degrees with two being doctorate level degrees. Dr. Ivy serves on many advisory boards for many companies and ministries, he is an accomplished author and speaker who has ministered in churches and seminars nationwide. Dr. Keith Eric Ivy has planted four churches and has many other covenant ministries  that submit to his leadership. As a result of Dr. Ivy’s life experience, he is a relatable, praying, charismatic man of faith who is equipped to pour into his community as well as the nations.  One of Dr. Ivy’s greatest accomplishments is marrying his college sweet heart Franzetta L Ivy, they have been married for 29yrs. From this union they have five adult children and nine grandchildren. Dr. Ivy and his wife believe a marriage that puts God first and mirrors Christ Love for his church helps them stay strong, unified and carry out the work of the ministry that God called them to do.

Our Weapon Of Faith

Fight with what God gave you!

– By Dr. Keith E. Ivy, Sr.


This book will give the reader strength to stand during turbulent times, help you activate your faith by seeing through the eyes of faith instead of by what you see in the natural. You will come to realize that believing is seeing instead of seeing is believing. This book was birthed out of a series of messages that the Holy Spirit of God has privileged me and the members of Life Changers to experience in which we saw the Word of God become alive in a tangible way. During the most challenging time in the life of our ministry; it was revealed to us a method of combating the onslaught of the enemy that is proven to always produce results that will bless your life and rebuke the hand of the enemy, while glorifying God. It is my sincere prayer that you will leave this book understanding that not only does God desire you to prosper and have you in good health, but he has left an infallible way for you to achieve this status. This book will enlighten you, inspire you, motivate you and transform you. It will also revolutionize your walk with God by being able to use the one weapon that the enemy does not want you to understand how to use, OUR Weapon of Faith! May the message of this book become a word spoken by the Holy Ghost of God that will be life giving, burden removing, yoke destroying and a power producing tool that will take you to a more fruitful Christian life that will glorify Jesus Christ Our Lord. ~ Dr. Keith Eric Ivy

Franzetta L. Ivy

Franzetta L. Ivy

Preacher, Teacher, Motivator, Singer, Worshiper, Wife

Pastor Franzetta L Ivy is Co Pastor at Lifechangers Intl, she is an anointed woman of God, singer, song writer, author and woman of faith who loves preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Ivy attended Liberty University Seminary school where she obtained her master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling. Pastor Ivy specializes in Marriage and Family Therapy and is an active member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). Pastor Ivy believes that God should always be our priority, he is entitled to being first in our lives and when we put him first, he not only provides our basic needs, he will give us everything we are entitled to as well as power and authority as his children. Pastor Ivy loves to encourage others to live their best life with Jesus Christ because life is too short to be just merely existing, God wants to give us life and that more abundantly. Two of Pastor Ivy’s greatest accomplishments are being married to Dr Keith E Ivy and being the mother of their five beautiful, gifted and anointed children who has blessed her with nine amazing grandchildren where they reside in Georgia.

Stop Treating God Like A Side Dude or Side Chick!

Put God First!

– By Pastor Franzetta L. Ivy

Too often we give our careers, things, people, fame, money or personal goals priority in our lives. In doing so we don’t fully appreciate the important people in our lives, we alienate our selves from them physically and emotionally. As a result they may become disappointed, angry, resentful, jealous and vengeful. When this happens no one gets the maximum benefits of being in the relationship. Our earthly relationships mirror the relationship we have with God. God always makes his creation his priority; he heals us, delivers us, provides for us and delivers us, but we don’t do the same for him. We put other things before him which disappoints him and makes him jealous. As a result we don’t reap the full benefits of being his children, we don’t get everything we are entitled to. In Don’t Treat God Like a Side Dude or Side Chick! Put God First! Pastor Franzetta L Ivy parallels our natural relationships with our relationship with God. Pastor Ivy reveals how God loves us and is always faithful to us and how not being faithful to God affects our natural relationships. Pastor Ivy reveals how our unfaithfulness to God puts him in a position of someone who is 2nd tier, unimportant, a person of convenience, an after thought only when you get into trouble. Someone that is a secret, only summoned when no one else is available, a quick fix, instant gratification because you know they are always waiting around just to get a little of your attention like a mistress. Instead he should be first not last because he is entitled to love, faithfulness and loyalty, and most importantly because he wiped out a debt we could not pay (Sin). Stop Treating God Like a Side Dude or Side Chick! Put God First! will help you identify the areas where you are not putting God first and profoundly yet simplistically gives the reader the tools and strategies to put God first. These tools used insight-fully will please and delight God which will render him what he’s entitled to from you, and keep him from being disappointed and jealous. As a result of putting God first you will gain access to unimaginable heights God has in store for you. Get ready to receive your full benefits and inheritance in this life and in the afterlife because you are a child of the King.